Design Features

Design Features

Raw Material

Newell-PSN suspension insulators are made from high strength alumina. Use of this raw material provides for a very Sound porcelain body. Assembled units are subjected to rigorous electrical and mechanical tests before shipment.

Radio and TV interference-free

Newell-PSN porcelain suspension insulators are designed to be free of radio and TV interference. In addition, hardware is smoothly contoured with well-rounded edges to reduce RIV.

Protected leakage

The porcelain shell is designed to provide optimum leakage distance in relation to the shell diameter. The sturdy shed design and use of high strength alumina as raw material protects the leakage corrugations from mechanical damage.

Portland Cement assembly

Malleable Cast Iron Caps are cemented on the porcelain. This loads the porcelain in a large area, low-intensity compression grip. Newell-PSN uses Portland cement, which is well suited for use on porcelain insulator assemblies.

Hardware painting

Before cementing, all surfaces of the hardware that come in contact with the cement are coated with a bituminous paint. The coating protects the hardware from chemical attack by the cement. It also allows for movement between parts to relieve mechanical stresses induced by thermal variations.

Identification and markings that provide complete traceability

All Newell-PSN porcelain suspension insulators are marked with the Newell-PSN logo, year of manufacture, the M&E rating, and the proof test rating of the insulator.


Choice of strength ratings

Newell-PSN porcelain suspension insulators are available in M&E (ultimate) strength ratings of 15,000, 20,000, 25,000, 30,000, 40,000 and 50,000 lbs. We can design and supply suspension insulators beyond 50,000 lb combined M&E strength; for extra strength requirements. We have a standard design available for 66,000 lb combined M&E strength suspension insulators.

Newell-PSN fogger porcelain suspension insulators provide up to 50% more leakage distance than standard porcelain suspension insulators. Extra leakage fogger suspension insulators are available in 20,000, 30,000 and 36,000 lb. ratings.

Choice of glazes

Newell-PSN porcelain suspension insulators are available in a choice of four glaze colors: light gray, dark gray, chocolate brown, and blue.

Choice of hardware

Newell-PSN porcelain suspension insulators are available for ball and socket or clevis eye couplings. Caps are malleable cast iron, hot-dip galvanized. All Newell-PSN suspension insulators use a forged steel ball pin or eye bolt that has been hot-dip galvanized. We can provide ball and socket units with a zinc sleeve.