Newell-PSN is a high technology manufacturer with quality management certified in conformity with ISO9001:2000. The manufacturing scale, technology, advanced equipment, product offering and quality management are in an advanced position in this field.

We manufacture 10 product categories consisting of thousands of varieties including 70-800kN HVAC and 120-900kN HVDC toughened glass insulators. At present, the production capacity of toughened glass insulators is over 12 million units per year with 5 automatic production lines.

Glass Insulator Operation

Zero spontaneous breakage and easy inspection

Glass insulators have zero spontaneous breakage. Visual inspection from the ground or helicopter can be made rather than climbing towers for inspections. The yearly spontaneous breakage rate of products produced from our manufacturing line is around 0.02%. The result is reduced labor for inspection and, therefore, reduced maintenance cost.

Good self-cleaning and less aging

Glass insulators accumulate less dirt. The self-cleaning properties of glass allows for less aging of the insulator. Glass insulator samples have been taken from power lines in continuous operation for over 40 years, showing little aging even in polluted areas.