Design Features


Newell-PSN porcelain suspension insulators meet a wide variety of design needs: Newell-PSN has supplied porcelain suspension insulators for many years. These insulators have achieved a strong record in service. These insulators are a truly world class product.

Modern high voltage and EHV transmission line designs demand suspension insulators with greater mechanical and electrical integrity; in a wider choice of types and ratings; than have ever been required before.

Newell-PSN has among the broadest range of suspension insulators in the world today. Our extensive in house R&D subsidiary is available for our customers and can design special insulators to meet extreme strength and leakage requirements.

Our broad and complete product line allows transmission design engineers to specify exactly what they want in strength ratings while they pay only for what they need.

Newell-PSN porcelain suspension insulators offer users interchangeability: Porcelain suspension insulators have a very long useful life. Over the years efficient porcelain designs have evolved and the industry has become highly standardized. This standardization ensures interchangeability among various suppliers’ designs. It also permits an exact definition of ratings as well as precisely defined design and quality control testing.

The manufacturing operations at our sourcing facilities are highly automated. To keep pace with user needs, over the years; Newell-PSN licensee partners have pursued an aggressive policy of modernization and investment in the most modern manufacturing equipment available.