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Solid core porcelain and composite insulators of exceptional quality

Newell-PSN, LLC. is a manufacturer of High-Voltage Electrical Porcelain, Glass transmission insulators as well as Composite insulators, with product types that include Station Post, Line Post, Transmission Suspension and Distribution insulators, as well as apparatus porcelain. Some of our products include C-Neck Tie Top, F-Neck Tie Top, F-Neck Tie Top, Horizontal Clamp Top Gain Base, Horizontal Clamp Top Stud Mount, N-Neck Tie Top, Vertical Clamp Top Stud Mount Line Post Insulators; Guy Strain, High Voltage Pin Types, Low Voltage Pin Types, Spool Insulators Distribution Insulators; Cap-Pin Replacement, Non-Stacking Units, Tapered Stacks, Semiconductive Glaze, Uniform Diameter Stacks Station Post Insulators; and of course, Porcelain and Glass Suspension Insulators.  With a focus on Customer Service, we are perfectly positioned to be the First Choice for all of our customers’ requirements.

High Voltage Porcelain, Semiconductive station posts, Glass and Polymer Insulators

When it comes to substation and overhead line insulation, Newell has the high voltage insulators you can count on. With the recent addition of Semiconductive station posts, Newell has the substation solutions customer’s need. Unlike other manufacturers, we only produce solid core porcelain and with Semiconductive glaze, Silicone coated and High leakage designs, all operating environments are covered. Our porcelain suspension and high-quality toughened glass suspensions also provide transmission solutions. With application voltage ranging from 7.5kV to 765kV, you are sure to find a solution that fits your needs throughout our catalog. We offer our high voltage insulators only after a rigorous quality testing and audit system, ensuring each item reliably serves our customers. Whether you need pin type distribution insulators or high voltage station post insulators, we have you covered. Visit our Find Sale Rep page or contact us directly through the Contact page for your high voltage insulators needs.