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Newell expands on the tradition of supplying solid core porcelain insulators now offers T&D products.

Newell Porcelain, a decades long preferred manufacturer and supplier of solid core station posts has expanded the product line to include overhead line products.  Now supplying a full line of porcelain and glass suspensions and porcelain distribution porcelain, with design ratings 7.5kV to 765kV, Newell has among the broadest porcelain offerings in the US Market.

All units are provided to meet or exceed ANSI, IEC and IEEE standards and with our comprehensive quality system, our product reliability is second to none!

All Station and Line Post units are of 100% solid core construction, unlike others who can only arrive at the required strengths using the old hollow core technology.

As you know, people make the difference in any company. At Newell, with our experienced and knowledgeable staff, we have demonstrated our ability to serve our US customers and provide best in class lead-times and delivery. 

Located in Columbiana, Ohio, with multiple US warehouse locations and global strategic partners, we are best suited to serve our customers high voltage insulator needs.

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We are a leading manufacturer of solid core porcelain insulators of exceptional quality.