High Voltage Insulator Quality Assurance Processes

Newell Porcelain has long been recognized as a preferred supplier for the U.S. utility components industry by providing porcelain insulators to our customers. Our longevity is based on the philosophy to start with excellent suppliers and grow those relationships into strategic partnerships.

Newell goes to great lengths to ensure we can serve our customers with best-in-class lead times, on-time delivery and most importantly, quality levels that reflect increasingly stringent market requirements. We, along with our strategic supply partners, adhere to the following porcelain insulator quality assurance processes:

  • Supplier Selection:  Newell only partners with suppliers that share our value system and have parallel corporate objectives.

  • Newell Commitment: Use our product and market expertise to establish a culture of continuous improvement with our partner.

  • Quality measures:  Using a comprehensive scorecard approach Newell establishes a baseline evaluation and works to improve all areas of our joint enterprises.  We measure:

    • management involvement
    • partner quality system
    • corrective action program
    • cost control and improvement
    • change control and management

  • Quality Verification:  As part of the Newell Quality System, we also verify the results using the following techniques:

    • Annual comprehensive Audits
    • Monthly third-party inspections
    • Bi-annual scorecard reviews

  • Partner reward system
    • We also reward our strategic supply partners with monetary and rewards that can be displayed to employees and stake holders.
  • Along with the required IEEE/ANSI design, proof and routine testing Newell's strategic supply partners also go above and beyond with:
    • Ultrasonic tests
    • Moment tests at higher than standard levels

Combining our porcelain insulator quality assurance processes with the above philosophies ensures that Newell Porcelain will serve our customers at best-in-class levels well into the future.

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