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Semiconductive Glaze Insulators are specifically designed for applications in contaminated environments. Contaminated environments most frequently experienced include:

  • Sea salt, salt fog and mist
  • Industrial and agricultural pollution
  • Powerplant coal and cooling tower mist
  • City and expressway pollution
  • Icing and snow bridging conditions

Semiconductive Glaze systems have been employed in the industry for over 50 years with nearly flawless field experience.

The original development of the Semiconductive Glaze system dates to the 1940’s. Utilizing dopants of Tin and Antimony, the glaze is transformed from insulating to semiconducting. Newell-PSN initiated a 5 year R&D project to develop and implement the glaze technology.

Newell-PSN has delivered multiple orders and sees a quick demand growth for this application.

Design Tests:

  • All designs tested to ANSI/IEEE C29.9 2017
  • 100% of units are tested and verified to specific resistive leakage current levels
  • Artificial pollution tests conducted per IEC 60507 withstood the highest level of salinity defined by the standard, 224kg/m3
  • During comparative testing, Semi Conductive Glaze units dramatically out performed standard insulating glaze and silicon coated insulators.
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