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Newell Porcelain Manufacturers all the most common Spool and Guy Strain Insulators used in the North American market. Manufactured using long established high quality wet-process porcelain, all products are designed per ANSI/NEMA C29.3 or C29.4. The insulator dimensions are optimized to accommodate preformed grips and cables for easy installation. With spool neck sizes A and F and tight tolerance on the guy strains, Newell T&D products are dimensionally optimized resulting in a perfect fit.

All Newell Porcelain Spool Insulators are RUS approved and all T&D insulators are manufactured to our high-quality standards. With frequent quality audits, test report verification and third-party inspections our customers are assured of reliable field performance. The standard color for all T&D products is ANSI 70 gray with other colors available on request.

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